Eagle Nest Lake State Park

Eagle Nest Lake State Park

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Due to cold-water temperatures, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and windsurfing are not recommended. Kayak or canoe users should always be prepared for cold water immersion. In other words dress for the swim, always wear a life jacket on this lake, and travel in pairs for assisted rescue. Test your gear in cold water and train in both assisted and self-rescue techniques. Ice fishing is available in season.

Eagle Nest Lake has two boat ramps:

Main Ramp Two lanes concrete by the new visitor center...closed at this time.Top Elevation 8,206 Ft. Bottom Elevation 8,182 Ft.

South Ramp Two Lanes Concrete with vault toilet at the top of the ramp.
Top Elevation 8,200 Ft. Bottom Elevation 8,170 Ft.                            


High quality cold water fishery. Kokanee Salmon, rainbow trout, snake river cutthroat trout and yellow perch. Summer algae mat develops on occasion. Eagle Nest is also a popular spot for ice fishing during winter months.


Hikers can enjoy a beautiful setting at Eagle Nest, especially from the new trail leading from the main entrance to highway 64, and onto the Moreno Day Use area. Along these trails, visitors can find unusual plants like the "Indian Paintbrush" which are located in the high mountains of Eagle Nest, which sitting at 8,300 feet.