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Gloss Mountain State Park


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Gloss Mountain State Park is one of the most dazzling natural places to visit within the state of Oklahoma. The park's glamor and shine come from the Selenite gypsum that is common throughout the park, which naturally sparkles and glitters in the sunlight. Gloss Mountain State Park is a day-use only recreational and educational park that is accessible for hiking and picnicking from sunrise to sunset. Facilities at the park include a restroom, several picnic pavilions and picnic areas, outdoor grills, and a public water supply. A short accessible trail within the park leads to an important historical marker. In addition, a longer trail offers a steeper climb up to a beautiful viewpoint, which looks out on the surrounding valley floor. Points of interest within Gloss Mountain State park include the interesting geological formations, abundant Selenite gypsum, the beautiful surrounding scenery and the ample wildlife viewing opportunities. The Gloss Mountain Range is also known as the Glass Mountains because of their natural shininess and glass-like appearance.

Map of Gloss Mountain (OK)

Latitude, Longitude: 36.375686, -98.683662



  • Hiking

    Several hiking trails in the park offer beautiful mountain views. A hiking trail from the base parking lot leads up to the top of Cathedral Mountain and across the mesa, offering a view of the valley floor and Lone Peak Mountain. An accessible trail also leads to a historical marker in the park.

  • Historic Sites

    An accessible trail leads to a historical marker in the park.

  • Picnicking

    A picnic area in Gloss Mountain State Park offers stunning views of the surrounding area.



From I-35, go west on Highway 412 about 50 miles to Orienta, then begin a scenic 24-mile drive. Gloss Mountain State Park is five miles west of Orienta on Highway 412.

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(580) 227-2512