Old Spanish National Historic Trail

Things To Do

A variety of trail-related historic sites, wayside exhibits, and markers are waiting in six states for your visit. Due to the Old Spanish National Historic Trail's recent authorization (December 2002), there are no national historic trail-related guides available. For now, you will need to check local guidebooks and other information sources to find trail-related sites.

The Old Spanish Trail Association hosts various activities and events connected to the trail. For further information, refer to the association's web site at www.oldspanishtrail.org.

Nearby Attractions

There is a saying in the Southwest that "all roads lead to Santa Fe." The Old Spanish Trail forged the first overland link from Santa Fe to California. Santa Fe had been linked for 200 years to the trade-hungry markets of Mexico via El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. The city was also linked to U.S. midwestern and east coast markets by the Santa Fe Trail.

To learn more about El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, visit www.nps.gov/elca.

To learn more about the Santa Fe Trail, visit www.nps.gov/safe.

All 3 of these historic trails are part of a National Trails System that includes 24 national historic and scenic trails in the United States.