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The remote country, with the Red Wall and deep canyons, was a favorite hiding place of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch. Outlaw Caves has two caves and a corral used by the robbers to store their loot. There is also a fantastic overlook of Hole in the Wall at 3/4 mile in from the trailhead. This campground is located in the Middle Fork Recreation Area which contains the Middle Fork of the Powder, a 12-mile long blue-ribbon trout river. The recreation area is also an elk and deer winter forage range, and is popular among hunters who snowmobile in. Archaeology fans will also be able to discover sites dating back to the prehistoric period: stone circles, quarry sites, and work areas. Some of the more unusual sites, such as the Rock Art Cave and Bar C Cairn Line, can be seen near the campground. The cave features some curious petroglyphs. The cairn line, which can be seen next to Outlaw Cave Road, is a prehistoric alignment of rock piles for which there is no known purpose.

Map of Outlaw Cave Campground

Latitude, Longitude: 43.659676, -106.913109



  • Camping

    Contact campground for availability.

  • Caving

    Visitors can explore the Outlaw Caves near the campground.

  • Climbing

    Climbing is available near the campground.

  • Fishing

    Follow Wyoming fishing guidelines.

  • Hiking

    Hiking is possible near the campground.

  • Historic Sites

    Explore the history of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch here at the caves.

  • Hunting

    Follow Wyoming hunting regulations.

  • Winter Sports

    Snowmobiling is possible in the winter, as well as winter hunting.


High clearance four wheel drive may be necessary to reach the Outlaw Caves. The Outlaw Cave Road is closed November 16 - April 15.



From Kaycee, go 13 miles west on WY 190/ Barnum Mountain Road, then turn south on any of the BLM roads that lead into the area.

Phone Numbers


(307) 684-1100