Petersburg National Battlefield

Petersburg National Battlefield

Just For Kids

Education Program Guidelines

Large Groups of students limit access to our resources and therefore diminish the effectiveness of our programs. As a result, we limit each group to a maximum of 40 students per program. If your group is larger we will divide your group accordingly, if our staffing permits.

One adult chaperone must accompany 10 students (grades K-6). While the educational program is the responsibility of the ranger, chaperones will be expected to maintain discipline. Likewise, chaperones must maintain appropriate student behavior while the group explores the park on its own.

Be On Time

Our staff is limited and requests for programs are many. If your group is more than thirty minutes late, your program will be canceled.


Most programs are presented outdoors and involve walking. Students must be prepared for the weather and the walking to Battlefield forts and sites. Please prepare your students for the environment.

Check In

Upon arriving at the park, the group leader should check in at the Visitor Center and find out where the program will begin.

Cultural Resources

Ruins and remnants of earthworks, buildings, and battle sites are found throughout the park. Please stay on the designated walking trails. Walking on the historic earthworks slowly destroys them and is prohibited. Hunting for artifacts with or without a metal detector is illegal.

Natural Resources

Abundant wildlife, flora and fauna, can be found throughout the park. Vegetation, although pretty or unusual looking, should be left where it is found. Various wild animal species live in the park. We ask that you remember although some may seem tame; they are indeed wild animals. Please refrain from feeding park animals or leaving lunch remains or trash where these animals can get it.


There is a designated picnic area located between Tour stops 3 and 4 on the self-guided driving tour of the main unit. The first-come, first-served picnic area will accommodate about 100 students with tables, and others may wish to bring something to sit on. Groups may also picnic in other park areas provided they are at least 100 feet away from historic structures or features.