Petersburg National Battlefield

Petersburg National Battlefield

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Petersburg National Battlefield preserves extensive fortifications and battlefields. Educational field trips are held at two of the units, including City Point in Hopewell, Virginia and the Eastern front, in Petersburg, Virginia.

City Point is located off of VA 10 onto Appomattox Street. A left on Cedar Lane takes you to the site.

The Eastern Front is located east of the city of Petersburg just off Va 36.

The specific locations of the educational field trips are as follows:

A Slave, A Plantation, A War

City Point, Hopewell, VA

City Under Siege

Tour Stop #1 / Visitor Center and Battery Five

Portrait of a Soldier

Tour Stop #8 / The Crater

Woe to the Wounded

Tour Stop #5 / Fort Stedman



Battles of the Siege
In 292 days soldiers here will endure nine offensives and 108 military actions on a battlefield that grows to 176 square miles. Explore the fields where these men laid down their lives.

City Point
From a small village surrounded by a plantation to the war's largest field supply base this piece of land was critical to the outcome of the siege. 

Poplar Grove National Cemetery
The graves of over six thousand soldiers serve as a reminder of an inarguable truth of the Civil War. The cost of the siege to this nation and to those families are told in part here.

Railroads in the Siege
Five railroads made Petersburg a vital Confederate supply hub and one railroad brought about its destruction.