Plumas National Forest

Bucks Lake Wilderness

The Wonder of Wilderness

Located in the northwestern part of the forest, the 20,000 acre Bucks Lake Wilderness has a broad diversity of plant life, trees, and landscape features. A few small lakes and ponds dot the wilderness at the base of a major escarpment. The wilderness is a wild land; most of it rugged, with difficult human access. A permit is not necessary to visit the wilderness, but you will need a fire permit. Be sure to share your itinerary and return date with a friend or relative.

Bucks Lake Wilderness elevations range from 2,000 feet in the Feather River Canyon to 7,017 feet at Spanish Peak. The terrain includes gentle slopes, steep canyons, and sheer cliffs. There are bare rock slopes and cliffs along with a mix of brush, conifers, and oaks, pure stands of red fir, brush fields, and small mountain meadows. The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the wilderness and, on clear days, Mt. Lassen is visible located 40 miles to the north, in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Tread lightly and leave no trace of your presence

Visitors in the wilderness become part of the biological community, and they must behave responsibly - as if they are visiting the home of a respected friend. Avoid reusing campsites to avoid soil compaction, campfire ash buildup, firewood depletion and a worn appearance that degrades the appearance of the wilderness.