Parque Nacional Cavernas del Río Camuy

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Parque Nacional Cavernas del Río Camuy

Puerto Rico

(787) 898-3100

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The region in which this park is situated is known as "karst country" a stretch of uneven terrain in the Northwest region caused by the erosion of some of the largest limestone in Puerto Rico. This park has long attracted visitors from all over the world because of it gives an amazing glimpse into the underground geography of Puerto Rico. Above ground, the karst landscape is also impressive as it is composed of hills with sharp peaks (mogotes) and dramatic sinkholes (sumideros).

Admission includes trip to Clara Cave Junction and an audio tour.

Map of Parque Nacional Cavernas del Río Camuy (PR)

Latitude, Longitude: 18.350050, -66.816440



  • Camping

    Camping is offered. Camping areas have toilets, showers and light. There is also a cafeteria and a gift shop. Call (787) 898-3100 for information.

  • Caving

    The park offers several cave tours. A stunning attraction is Cueva Clara, a cave that is almost 200 feet tall that contains stalactites that drip-drop mineral-rich water onto the cave floor, from which beautiful stalagmites form.

  • Historic Sites

    Several caving specialists can take you to a different and undeveloped part of the cave system. Offered in three degrees of difficulty, they explore underground caves, pre-Columbian petroglyphs, rivers and sinkholes. No prior knowledge needed but you need to be in good physical shape as you will have to travel on a hot-line, rappel and body raft.


Wednesday to Sunday and holidays from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Last trolley excursion leaves at 3:30 p.m. Hours and Excursions are weather dependent.



Carretera 129 Km. 20, Camuy, P.R.

Phone Numbers


(787) 898-3100