I'm going to Yosemite for two nights and three days. What's attractions should I NOT miss?
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Yosemite National Park, California, Camping
11 years ago
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Yosemite is a favorite among all of us here at Oh, Ranger!, and there's so much to do in the park! Our must-do list includes getting a bird's-eye view of the park from Glacier Point, experiencing the giant trees at Mariposa Grove, stepping into the lobby and back in time at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel, exploring the valley on Tioga Road, and possibly even scaling Half Dome if time permits!

We've also compiled lists of favorite Yosemite Highlights and Sights to See. For travel tips from rangers, check out our Only a Day page. Rangers have also made a list of packing essentials for travelers to the park.

As you prepare for your trip check our Yosemite News page regularly for great travel articles and timely tidbits.

Finally, be sure to pick up one of our little, green Oh, Ranger! guide to Yosemite so you can take all of this information on the road with you! Have a great trip, and be sure to stop by to let us know how it goes.

11 years ago
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that is a good number of days in the park.  some people try to visit the ark in one day....crazy!   this website is definately a great resource.  i'm a bit biased but Glacier Point is a must see!   if you want to hike i reccomend one of my favorites in the park; the hike to the top of sentinel dome.  the trail head is on glacier point road.  from there it is 1.1 miles to the top of the dome that rewards you with 360 degree, panorama vistas of the valley, half dome, and about a third of the park.  the tops is 8,100 feet from sea level. 

depending on what days you're there i would avoid the valley on the weekends, including friday.  but while you're down there walk to the bottom of vernal falls, or the top of vernal, or time allowing the top of nevada falls on the mist trail!  they have the most water in them during the summer.

I would dedicate a day in tuolumne!  there are so many great hikes there.  i like the stroll through the meadow going out towards soda springs.  a little bit harder is the hike to the top of lembert dome. 

have fun!

11 years ago