Redwood National and State Parks

Redwood National and State Parks

Bald Hills Road

Bald Hills Road leads southeastward from Highway 101 along the Bald Hills ridge line and ends at the Klamath River. The turn off for this road is one and a half miles north of Orick. Within three miles of Highway 101 are the access roads/trailheads for Redwood Creek Trail and Lady Bird Johnson Grove. Within these three miles the road climbs 1,300 feet on a few steep switchbacks. This 15% grade is not recommended for trailers or RVs.

Continuing past this developed area the road gradient eases as it reaches a ridge crest. Bald Hills Road follows this crest southeastward 16 more miles to exit the park. Upon ascending the crest the road winds moderately for three and a quarter miles to the Redwood Creek Overlook and picnic area. In this three miles the road gains almost 600 feet.

A short distance south of the Redwood Creek Overlook is C-Line Road. A permit and lock combination is necessary to use this road as it is gated. At the end of C-Line Road is the trailhead for the Tall Trees Trail.

Beyond C-Line Road the road continues to gain elevation steadily. It now forms the eastern border of the park. Roughly three and a quarter miles from C-Line Road, Bald Hills Road passes Elk Camp and a junction with Johnson Road, which is passable by high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles. The road reaches 2,576 feet at this intersection, southward from which the road surface is not paved.

The road descends steadily, reaching Dolason Prairie Trailhead and Dolason Hill Prairie within a mile and a half. The elevation of the picnic area at Dolason Hill Prairie is 2,449 feet. Descending, and continuing southward, the road passes a landing strip on the right as it enters Counts Hill Prairie. Prairie land extends for the duration of the road within the park boundary. Cagle Ridge Road joins our route from the east at the southern end of Counts Hill Prairie.

You may not be able to distinguish the two, but Counts Hill Prairie ends and Childs Hill Prairie begins. This grassy area extends five and a half miles along the Bald Hills crest to the point where the road exits Redwood National Park. Approximately three miles beyond Cagle Ridge Road, Williams Ridge, and Williams Ridge Road, joins the Bald Hills Ridge, and road, from the northeast. South of this junction the road turns southwestward and skirts the western flanks of Schoolhouse Peak, 3,092 feet. The road climbs steadily at this point.

West of the peak the road turns sharply eastward and leads around the southern flanks of the peak. At this turn is the Lyons Ranch Trailhead. Park here for a short hike. Nearly a mile beyond the Lyons Ranch Trailhead, Bald Hills Road gains the crest of the ridge again and turns slightly southward. In this mile long stretch the road reaches its high point within the park, 3,050 feet.

You'll reach the park boundary after driving one mile on the Bald Hills ridge line. After exiting the park the road turns eastward to skirt the northern flanks of Coyote Peak. From this point Bald Hills Road turns northward following French Camp Ridge. At the end of the ridge is a steep series of switchbacks, which ends on Pine Creek Road on the western bank of the Klamath River.


Directions from Orick: Drive 1.5 miles northward to Bald Hills Road.