Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Welcome to Rocky Mountain National Park

Welcome to Rocky Mountain National Park!

"This is a beautiful world, and all who go out under the open sky will feel the gentle, kindly influence of nature and hear her good tidings," wrote Enos Mills, a dedicated naturalist whose vision and determination helped to save this spectacular land. 

This "park in the sky," which captures the full grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, is one of our country's most frequently visited national parks, attracting more than 3 million visitors each year. 

The park unveils a stunning array of mountain peaks, 74 of which reach elevations of 12,000 feet or more. Forests of spruce and fir tower over wide valleys where aspen and willow line meandering streams. At the highest elevations, above the tree line, is the fascinating, arctic-like alpine tundra, fraught with blizzards in winter and filled with flowered meadows in summer. All of this is just 65 miles northwest of Denver!

Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park offer visitors a variety of things to do throughout the year, ranging from snow-related activities during the winter, to hiking, rock climbing, camping and fishing during the summer. 

During your visit, please remember to respect the park's fragile resources and minimize human impact. With all of our help, its natural resources will continue to be protected and preserved for future generations.