Indian Creek Recreation Area

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Indian Creek Recreation Area

South Dakota

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The rolling hills and beautiful river views make this park an excellent place to camp, picnic, and explore. Park visitors will find new adventures in this rugged land explored by Lewis and Clark in 1804. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, cowboys used the area to fatten thousands of cattle for shipment south. Indian Creek Recreation Area offers over 2.5 miles of hiking and biking trails. Along any of the three trails, visitors can spot a variety of wildlife, from deer, raccoons, beavers, and bull snakes to turkeys, pheasants, gyrfalcons, and orchard orioles. The park is located on the shores of Lake Oahe, a reservoir on the Missouri River. Visitors wishing to stay overnight at the park can choose either to stay in a campsite or in one of the two camping cabins. The park is close to monuments of Sitting Bull, Sacagawea, and the Jedediah Smith Foot Soldier Band.

Map of Indian Creek Rec. Area (SD)

Latitude, Longitude: 45.532267, -100.386801



  • Boating

    Located along the Lake Oahe Reservoir, Indian Creek Recreation Area offers many boating opportunities. There is a marina and boat ramp.

  • Bicycling

    The three trails in the park are open to bicycling.

  • Camping

    There are two campgrounds with 124 campsites and two cabins, each sleeps four people.

  • Fishing

    There are fishing cleaning stations in the park. Lake Oahe is known for its walleye fishing, and it also has salmon, northern pike, yellow perch, channel catfish, chinook salmon, white bass and smallmouth bass.

  • Hiking

    There are three trails in the park. The Turkey Run Trail is an easy, gently rolling one mile walk. The Prairie Falcom Trail is a more difficult, 1.1 mile hike, and the Orchard Oriole Trail, is a flat, gravel trail of 0.6 miles.

  • Historic Sites

    Lewis and Clark passed through the area. It is close to monuments of Sitting Bull, Sacagawea, and the Jedediah Smith Foot Soldier Band.

  • Picnicking

    There is a picnic shelter and a playground.

  • RVing

    RVers are welcome in the campgrounds.

  • Water Sports

    The marina and boat ramps offer opportunities for various water sports.


The area is semi-arid, with very hot summers and very cold winters.

Park Partners

Bridge City Marina and Resort

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Located 2 miles SE of Mobridge off SD Hwy 12.

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(605) 845-7112