Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

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Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge


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Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge is located in southwestern Wyoming. The name Seedskadee originated from the Shoshone Indian word "Sisk-a-dee-agie" meaning "river of the prairie hen". The 26,400-acre Refuge protects a diverse mosaic of riparian, wetland, and upland shrub habitats along 36-miles of the Green River. It is literally an oasis of biological diversity that bisects the vast high desert sagebrush plains of southwest Wyoming. Seedskadee NWR was established in 1965 as mitigation for the loss of habitats when Flaming Gorge and Fontenelle dams were constructed. The riparian corridor is an important migration route and nesting area for a wide variety of migratory waterfowl and passerine bird species. Trumpeter swans, bald and golden eagles, Wilson's warblers, mountain bluebirds, and sage grouse are a few of the more commonly observed species of the Refuge's 220 documented bird species. The Refuge also provides habitat for a variety of mammals including moose, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, porcupine, bobcat, beaver, coyote, badger, and white-tailed prairie dogs. Fishery resources are managed cooperatively with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. As a special regulation area, the river supports catch and release fishing for trophy brown, cutthroat, and rainbow trout. Refuge lands are rich in historic and cultural resources due to the fact that the area was used by nomadic Indian tribes, fur trappers, and early pioneers. Many of the old campsites, river crossings, trails (Oregon, Mormon, California), and early structures can still be located on the refuge. Approximately 10,000 people visit the Refuge annually and more than 20 educational and civic organizations participate in environmental education or volunteer programs.

Map of Seedskadee NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 41.813547, -109.808693



  • Boating

    The Green River is a shallow, swift river with many rocks hidden beneath the surface. It is best suited for canoes, drift boats, and rafts. Motors are not recommended. Personal water craft, air boats, and jet boats are prohibited. Boats must be equipped and opperated in accordance with Wyoming boating laws.

  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Fully accessible trails are available.

  • Fishing

    Fishing on the Refuge is permitted in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Fishing for Whitefish and Cutthroat, Brown and Rainbow trout is allowed throughout the Refuge, but special state regulations apply.

  • Historic Sites

    From the first humans arriving with the great ice sheet to settlers after the Civil War, this area has much historical significance.

    The Lombard Ferry helped westward pioneers cross the Green River in the mid-19th century.

  • Hunting

    At Seedskadee NWR hunting seasons usually occur between September 1 and mid-February. Hunting is permitteed for select game species in accordance with state regulations. The most common species hunted are Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Greater Sage Grouse, Cottontail Rabbit, ducks, and Canada Geese. Other species which are open to hunting under State regulations include Red Fox, Raccoon, White-tailed Jackrabbit, American Coot, Mourning Dove, Sora/Virginia Rail, and Common Snipe.


Open year-round. Contact park for seasonal availability of resources.



From Green River, Wyoming, travel west on I-80 about 6-miles to the La Barge Road (Highway 372) exit. Continue north about 27 miles on Highway 372 to the main entrance sign for the Refuge. Turn right onto the gravel entrance road and travel 2.5-miles to the Refuge headquarters.


The Refuge is located approximately 1 hour from the Rock Springs airport, 3 hours east of the Salt Lake City Airport, or 3 hours south of the Jackson, Wyoming airport.

Phone Numbers


(307) 875-2187