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On a chill Spring morning in 1968, amid speeches and farewell addresses, the men and women of Springfield Armory bid each other goodbye as the Stars and Stripes were lowered for the last time. After nearly two centuries of continuous production of rifles and muskets used by America's armed forces in every war in the nation's history, the armory closed its gates and fell silent. Begun as a major arsenal by General George Washington early in the Revolutionary War, the first national armory began manufacturing muskets in 1794. Within decades, Springfield Armory had perfected pioneering manufacturing methods that were critical to American industrialization. Reopened in 1978 as the Springfield Armory National Historic Site, the original 1840's arsenal houses the world's largest collection of American military firearms. Year-round public programs, exhibits, and special events are hosted on the grounds of the National Historic Landmark.

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    Begin your visit to the site of the nation's first (and last) armory by finding the great Iron Gate on Federal Street through which generations have passed. The Museum, in the Main Arsenal building, may be found by driving through the Springfield Technical Community College campus on the Historic Landmark grounds. Displayed in the Museum is just over a tenth of the unmatched collection of historic American military firearms (second in size only to the British collection at the Royal Armouries).


Springfield Armory NHS is FREE and open seven days a week to visit and walk the historic grounds with its historic buildings. The museum, gift shop, and extraordinary collections in the Main Arsenal Building are open for your visit seven days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The museum is closed only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.



From US Interstate Route I-91 (North) 1. Take EXIT 6 from I-91N, go to the 2nd traffic light and turn right onto State Street. 2. Drive east .75 miles to the 5th traffic light with the Iron Fence of the Armory on your left. 3. Turn left onto Federal Street, drive about 100 yards, and enter through the Main Gate to your left onto the grounds Springfield Armory NHS shares with Springfield Technical Community College (STCC). The sign reading "Springfield Technical Communty College" is seen with the Armory Museum sign to the left. A security guard kiosk is just inside the gate to the right. Additional directions and assistance may be had there. Turn left inside the gate and follow the signs to the Museum at the opposite end of Armory Square & free parking just in front of the Museum entrance.

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Peter Pan Bus Lines is a 5 minute drive from downtown. AMTRAK railroad station is a 5 minute drive from downtown.

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