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Seminoe State Park is located right up at the base of the beautiful Seminoe Mountains. One of Wyoming''s treasures is located 35-miles north of Sinclair, Wyoming. Inside Seminoe State Park, Seminoe Reservoir offers visitors the full range of water-based activities and is known for both trout and walleye fishing. Day-use and overnight facilities feature improved sites, comfort stations, tables and grills.

Map of Seminoe (WY)

Latitude, Longitude: 42.063695, -106.819210



  • Boating

    Boat launches are found at North Red Hills Camping area and South Red Hills Camping area.

  • Camping

    North Red Hills Camping area has boat launches that go from low-low water to high-water capabilities. There are play areas for kids, potable water for drinking, a few shade trees and the only dump station in the park. Grounds are not level and sites are exposed to the wind. There are shelters at a few of the sites. The shoreline is steep and covered with rock in most areas. Approximately 30 sites. South Red Hills Camping area has two levels: the upper level has the views of the lake and the lower level has the boat launch. The boat launch covers high water to low water. A kids play area, potable water for drinking and shelters at some sites are available. The lower camping level offers some protection from the wind. Approximately 22 sites. Sunshine Beach Camping area offers a shoreline that has both rocky areas and sandy coves. There are few developed sites in this area. Two shelters are available with no potable water for drinking.

  • Fishing

    Fishing for trout and walleye is popular.

  • Historic Sites

    This area is rich in history and culture.

  • Picnicking

    Picnic areas are located in the park.

  • Water Sports

    Sand Mountain Day Use area offers two picnic shelters and walking access to what may be the biggest beach at Seminoe Reservoir.



Seminoe State Park is located by Interstate 80, Exit 221 or State Route 220

Phone Numbers


(307) 320-3013