Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Historic Yellowstone Buses

Yellowstone's low-slung, 13-passenger historic touring vehicles have been refurbished and brought to today's commercial, safety and emissions standards. Combining assembly-line and manual custom processes, technicians modified the Ford E-450 chassis with frame rails to allow the bus bodies to match up with the chassis. The new chassis are equipped with automatic transmissions, 5.4 liter gasoline engines and anti-lock braking systems. The team also rebuilt doors, rear luggage compartments and other components as necessary for each individual vehicle. 

All of the vehicles feature:

• 19.5-inch wheels, close to the original 20-inch versions

• Retro-style instrument panels

• Decals to imitate the originals

• Yellow and black enamel paint matching the original

• Reupholstered seats

• New convertible tops

• Bucket seats in the front to accom- modate shoulder belts

The original touring vehicles transported visitors in the park for more than 20 years starting in 1936 when the Yellowstone Park Transportation Company purchased 27 of the Model 706s for the season. By 1940, 98 of the vehicles were being used throughout the park. In the 1950s, however, private vehicle usage increased tremendously and the vehicles were sold and disbursed across the country.

The Skagway (Alaska) Streetcar Company purchased eight of the vehicles for its fleet. The owner of the Skagway Streetcar Company felt the vehicles belonged back in Yellowstone, and the vehicles returned to the park in 2001.

The vehicles are used for a variety of daily tours that cover topics such as park history, wildlife and geology.

To learn more about the tours, call (307) 344-7311 or (866) GEYSERLAND (866) 439-7375 or visit More information is also available in the "Experience Planner" brochure or at the front desk inside park hotels and lodges.