Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Explore Our Parks with Nature Valley Hiking Maps

July 13, 2009, 2:04 pm

With longer days, summer work hours and clear skies, summer is the time to get outside and explore our national parks. And, now you can you can see more of Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks than you ever imagined! We’ve teamed up with Nature Valley to bring you closer to the parks you love by creating free, comprehensive Save the Trails™ maps for Yosemite and Yellowstone. Yosemite maps are available at YARTS–the premier public transit service into Yosemite National Park–along with visitor centers in many gateway communities. Yellowstone maps are available exclusively at Yellowstone IMAX Theater.

Nature Valley’s Save the Trails program is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy our beautiful country by preserving the trails that bring us closer to nature. To make this happen, Nature Valley partnered with the Student Conservation Association and American Hiking Society, to repair hiking trails damaged from neglect, severe storms, and erosion. Some of the fruits of this partnership are the favorite trails hiking maps, which are available for both Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks.

We’ve carefully chosen eight of our favorite hikes–ranging from easy to strenuous and from all four corners of each park–and organized them in an easy-to-read, fun format. The maps include a park map highlighting the hikes, along with 8 smaller “zoomed-in” maps describing each hike in detail. Each map is packed with useful information to not only plan a hike, but also guide you while you’re in the park:

·      Comprehensive park map

·      Eight hiking trails–each with detailed map, description and characteristics–highlighting different regions of the park

·      Sustainability Tips

·      Hiking Safety Tips

·      Park Rules

·      Backcountry Permits Information

The maps are being distributed with Nature Valley granola bar samples, which you can tuck away into your backpack and pull out during your hike to refuel.

This year, of the more than 70 trails submitted to the Save the Trails™ program, 20 were selected as finalists. Of these finalists, 10 were named the 2009 winners through your online votes and participation.

Each of the winning trails will receive $5,000 for restoration, which will help ensure their future for years to come. To check out the 2009 Save the Trails Winners, click here.

Remember to Leave No Trace  when you’re exploring our national parks.  You can help minimize impacts to the natural resources and social experiences of other visitors by practicing these seven principles: plan ahead and prepare; travel and camp on durable surfaces; dispose of waste properly; leave what you find; minimize campfire impacts; respect wildlife; and be considerate of other visitors. Consider applying these principles during your hike, as we need your help preserving park resources for future generations.

For more information on hiking and other activities in our parks and public lands, visit www.ohranger.com and ask a question or begin your search today!