Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite's SpringFest 2011 at Badger Pass Slated for April 2nd

March 7, 2011, 8:41 am

Each year Yosemite National Park’s ski resort, Badger Pass, celebrates the end of ski season with SpringFest. The snow-covered mountain that is traditionally used for winter activities like snowboarding and skiing becomes a playground for a one-day festival. On SpringFest, new types of activities take hold. Everyone is invited and the festivities will kick off on April 2, 2011. For the complete schedule of events, click here!

A variety of events take place at Badger Pass, but none of which garners the fame of the Downhill Dummy Race. The rules are simply: build a dummy on skis or snowboard that is at least three feet tall and under 100 pounds. Oh, and only gravity can propel your structure. View a video of last year's competition!

Badger Pass Spring Fest from Chris Falkenstein on Vimeo.


The creations are sent down the Red Fox run in a race for the ultimate “World Cup” title. The only other major rule: no living or breathing thing is allowed on your dummy. The dummies are judged, earlier in the day, on their craftsmanship before being send down the mountain. Dummies in the shape of anything from Big Bird to a sheep have been created and best of all; anyone can build so get cracking. Check out the video from last year of the dummies taking the ride!

For those who don’t feel as though building is their forte, no worries! Certain age restrictions do apply to each race, so be sure to double check before signing up. There are plenty of activities to observe or participate in on SpringFest including a costume contest, kid’s obstacle course, scavenger hunt, slalom race and pond skimming.

The pond skimming contest involves skiers and snowboarders going down the lower portion of Red Fox run and attempting to hydroplane across the man made trench filled with water. Sound easy? The trench is about 60 feet long and the last dry person standing wins.

Feel like a better racer when you’ve got a team? Well, there is a unique event that just might tickle your fancy. Last year, four-person teams took part in the pickle tray race at Badger Pass. Teams must hike up the hill on snowshoes then slide back down the hill on a pickle tray.

The 2011 schedule can be found here and SpringFest is open to any and all visitors to Yosemite National Park.