Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Bridalveil Creek Trail

The Bridalveil Creek Trail begins from the Ostrander Lake Trailhead along Glacier Point Road. The trail leads south along Bridalveil Creek then crosses a divide into the Chilnualna Creek drainage. It ends at Chilnualna Fall. This trail leads south from the trailhead and crosses a small creek on a footbridge within a half mile. Within one mile it reaches a trail junction. Bear right at this junction and cross Bridalveil Creek. The left fork leads to Ostrander Lake. A short distance after crossing Bridalveil Creek you'll reach the trail that leads from Bridalveil Creek Campground. Bear left and follow this trail southeastward along the creek. Within a mile the trail crosses a tributary to Bridalveil Creek. On the eastern side of this stream is another trail junction. Bear right and follow the creek to the south. The left side of this fork crosses Bridalveil Creek and leads to Ostrander Lake.

As the trail follows the Bridalveil Creek tributary it slowly gains elevation. About one mile from the last junction the route crosses the tributary and ascends to a divide that separates the Bridalveil Creek drainage from that of Alder Creek. The ascent is approximately 500 feet and is the first significant elevation gain of the trek. Once upon the ridge the turns southward and shortly reaches a junction. The trail coming from the right is the end of the Wawona loop. Bear left and cross the ridge into the Chilnualna Creek drainage. The trail soon crosses a small tributary of Chilnualna Creek and parallels that stream, on it's eastern bank, for one mile. At the end of this mile is a trail junction. Bear right and cross the stream. From this point the trail ascends slightly, crosses a small ridge line, then descends toward Chilnualna Fall. In the next two miles the trail descends 1,350 feet. Before reaching the trail's end, the route crosses a small stream then reaches a junction with the Chilnualna Creek Trail ascending the drainage from Wawona. A short distance beyond the trail junction is Chilnualna Creek. Take the right fork to reach the fall.


Directions from Arch Rock Entrance: Follow Highway 140 into the Yosemite Valley and bear right on to Southside Drive. Travel approximately one mile eastward and turn right on to Wawona Road (Highway 41). Follow Wawona Road nine miles to Glacier Point Road and turn left. Drive nine miles on Glacier Point Road to Ostrander Lake Trailhead on the right side of the road.