Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Visitor Services

Visitor centers are located in Yosemite Valley (year-round) and seasonally at Wawona, Big Oak Flat and Tuolumne Meadows.

Most other visitor services in Yosemite operate under contract with NPS. Comments about services can be directed to the park superintendent.

In Yosemite Valley

Valley Visitor Center: Come experience our new exhibit hall! Located in Yosemite Valley at shuttle stops #5 and #9, it offers natural history displays, audiovisual programs and a helpful staff to answer questions. Books and maps are also available. Spirit of Yosemite, a state-of-the-art, wide-screen, 23-minute film about Yosemite National Park, is presented in the Visitor Center Theater located behind the visitor center lobby. (closed-captioned and audio- described) Check Yosemite Today for the current schedule.

Yosemite Museum: Next door to the Valley Visitor Center, the Indian Cultural Exhibit displays the cultural history of the Miwok and Paiute people from 1850 to the present. An Indian Cultural Demonstrator is on site. Rotating exhibits in the Museum Gallery continue to foster the arts in Yosemite. The Museum Store, operated by the Yosemite Association, features traditional American Indian crafts.

Indian Village of Ahwahnee: Behind the Valley Visitor Center, this outdoor exhibit, open year-round, is where traditional cultural presentations come to life.

Wilderness Center: Located in Yosemite Village between The Ansel Adams Gallery and the post office, the Yosemite Valley Wilderness Center is a one-stop location for backpackers. It offers wilderness permits (required for overnight wilderness travel), maps, guidebooks and bear-resistant canister rentals, as well as other valuable pre-trip planning and minimum-impact suggestions (when closed in late fall and winter, pick up permits in the visitor center).

Yosemite Cemetery: This historic cemetery is located across the street and just west of the Yosemite Museum. People buried here include American Indians and others who played an important role in the development of what is now Yosemite National Park. A Guide to the Yosemite Cemetery is available at the Valley Visitor Center.

Nature Center at Happy Isles: Located a short walk from shuttle stop #16, this nature center (operated by Yosemite Association volunteers), is a great place to take kids. The center includes natural history exhibits, tactile and auditory displays and a bookstore geared to nature-exploring families (open in summer). Nearby are short trails that are accessible and focus on the area's four different environments: forest, river, talus and fen. An outdoor exhibit details the geologic story of rockfall in Yosemite.

LeConte Memorial Lodge: Located at shuttle stop #12, the LeConte Memorial Lodge is Yosemite's first public visitor center and is operated during the summer by the Sierra Club. It features a children's corner, a library and offers a variety of environmental education and evening programs (summer only). For more information, call (209) 372-4542 or check Yosemite Today.

Yosemite Art and Education Center: No matter where you look in Yosemite, there's a scene to inspire the artist in you. For a little guidance, free informal outdoor classes are offered at no charge. Art supplies, books and original art are available for purchase. Located southwest of the Village Store. Open spring to fall. For more information call (209) 372-1442.

Outside Yosemite Valley

Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center: Open summer only, the visitor center has exhibits that feature information on area geology, wildflowers, alpine and subalpine ecology, bears and other wildlife, the area's human history and wilderness etiquette. A fascinating exhibit reflects naturalist John Muir's perspective on the meaning and value of Yosemite. Books and maps are also available.

Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center: Open summer only, this center offers wilderness permits, bear canister rentals, park orientation, trail information, books, maps and displays. Located at shuttle stop #3.

Parsons Memorial Lodge, McCauley Cabin and Soda Springs: Located in Tuolumne Meadows, this historic area can only be reached by foot via two easy trails (summer only). Check at the visitor center for access information.

Big Oak Flat Information Station: Located at the Big Oak Flat entrance, this station has knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions you may have. Bear canister rentals, maps and wilderness permits are also available. Hours vary (spring to fall).

Wawona Information Station: Located at Hill's Studio near the Wawona Hotel, this facility provides information on interpretive programs and park activities. Books, maps, wilderness permits, and bear canister rentals are also available. Hours vary (spring to fall).

Pioneer Yosemite History Center in Wawona: Discover horse-drawn wagons, stroll across a covered bridge and visit historic buildings out of Yosemite's past. A visit to the center will explain how Yosemite was the inspiration for national parks across America and throughout the world. The center is always open and interpretive signs and brochures are available.

Mariposa Grove Museum: Located in the upper grove of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, the Museum is a log cabin fashioned after one occupied by Galen Clark, the first official guardian of the Yosemite Grant. Displays feature giant sequoia natural history. Books and maps are available (summer only). Operated by the Yosemite Association.

Other Services

Banking Services: Automated teller machines (ATMs) can be found in the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls lobby, the Village Store, Curry Village Gift/ Grocery, next to the Yosemite Art Center in Yosemite Village and at the Wawona Pioneer Gift & Grocery.

Gas Stations: Gas stations are open year-round at Wawona and at Crane Flat, and seasonally at Tuolumne Meadows on Tioga Road. Gas is also available just outside the park in El Portal (Highway 140). Pay-at-pump service is available 24 hours-a-day with a debit or credit card. The Yosemite Village Garage handles major repairs. Emergency road service is available by calling (209) 372-8320. Operating hours are listed in Yosemite Today.

Laundromat: Laundry facilities are available at Housekeeping Camp. See Yosemite Today for hours of operation.

Lost and Found: For items lost or found at restaurants, lodging facilities, lounges, shuttle or tour services, call DNC Lost & Found at (209) 372-4357, write DNC Lost & Found, P.O. Box 578, Yosemite National Park, CA 95389; or email: [email protected]

For items lost or found in other areas of the park, call the National Park Service at (209) 379-1001; write NPS Lost & Found, P.O. Box 700-W, El Portal, CA 95318; or email: [email protected]

Medical and Dental Services: For emergency medical care (available 24 hours-a-day), dial 911 from commercial telephones or 9-911 from hotel phones. Call (209) 372-4637 for routine medi-cal assistance; for dental assistance, call (209) 372-4200. A full-service outpatient medical facility is located in Yosemite Valley. The Yosemite Medical Clinic and a dental office are located on Ahwahnee Road, near Yosemite Village. Current operating hours are listed in Yosemite Today. Prescription services, a laboratory, EKG, X-rays and physical therapy are available.

Post Offices: The park's main post office is in Yosemite Valley next to The Ansel Adams Gallery. Smaller post offices are located at the Yosemite Lodge and Wawona. From mid-June to mid-September, postal service is also available at Curry Village and Tuolumne Meadows. See Yosemite Today for operating hours.

Recycling Centers: Beverage containers, glass, cans, empty fuel canisters, plastic and newspapers can be recycled at concessioner recycling centers at the Village Store (year-round) and Curry Village (summer only). Beverage containers may also be returned for deposits at park gas stations and park stores that sell beverages. Look for additional receptacles at campgrounds, picnic areas and some roadside locations.

Religious Services: Religious services are held at locations throughout the park and in surrounding communities. Consult Yosemite Today for details.

Accessibility -

The Golden Access Passport (available at visitor centers, entrance stations and information stations) waives entrance fees for citizens or permanent residents of the United States with visual, hearing, mobility, or other cognitive impairments.

A temporary accessibility placard is available at all park entrance stations and visitor centers. When displayed on your vehicle dashboard, it allows driving on some paved Yosemite Valley roads normally closed to vehicle traffic.

A free Yosemite Accessibility Guide is available at park visitor centers, entrance stations and lodging facilities around the park. Not all facilities are fully accessible; be sure to request an accessible room when making a reservation. Be specific about your needs. Look for this symbol - for facilities and services accessible to guests in wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs, hand-bikes, electric scooters, and adaptive ski equipment are available for rental.

A TTY phone is available for incoming calls at the Valley Visitor Center, (209) 372-4726. For outgoing calls, TTY pay phones are available at the Curry Village registration area, inside the Yosemite Lodge lobby, and at The Ahwahnee. For hotel reservations, call (559) 252-4848. Camping reservations may be made via TTY by calling (877) 833-6777.

With advance notice, a park ranger may be available to interpret ranger-led activities and provide park information for deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors spring through fall. Check at the Valley Visitor Center or call (209) 372-4726 (TTY) or (209) 372-0642 (voice). For a listing of interpretive programs accessible to persons with hearing, vision, or mobility impairments, see Yosemite Today or www.nps.gov/yose/access/.



Ninety-five percent of Yosemite National Park is designated Wilderness, and there is perhaps no better way to experience it than with a trip into its high country. Free wilderness permits are required for all overnight trips into the Yosemite Wilderness. These are issued at wilderness centers. See centerfold map for locations. In late fall and winter, when wilderness centers are closed, permits are issued at the Valley Visitor Center, Hill's Studio porch, Big Oak Flat Information Station, Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station, Tuolumne Meadows Ski Hut, and Badger Pass A-frame. Food must be stored properly in bear canisters or food lockers while camping in wilderness areas. Bear canister rentals are available at the Valley Visitor Center Bookstore, the Wawona Store and the Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station. For recorded wilderness information, call (209) 372-0200 or visit us online at www.nps.gov/yose/ planyourvisit/wilderness.htm.


Bicycle rentals are available to explore Yosemite Valley on over 12 miles of paved bike paths. Bikes (including helmets; required by law for children 18 and under) are available for all ages of riders. Trailer rentals are available for families and hand-cranked bikes may be rented for visitors with mobility impairments. Bikes can be rented at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls or Curry Village Recreation Center from early spring to late fall. Call (209) 372-8319.

Day Hikes

See "Walking & Hiking" on page 68.


Yosemite's Wawona Golf Course was the first regulation course in the Sierra Nevada when it opened in 1918—and has provided golfers challenging but rewarding rounds ever since. Set near the historic Wawona Hotel, this golf course alternates between meadows and narrow fairways lined with ponderosa pine and incense-cedar trees. Golfers of every level enjoy the rolling terrain, variety of challenging holes and tranquil setting of this historic course. Open daily spring to fall, conditions permitting. Extra amenities include electric and caddie cart rentals, daily snack and beverage service, a golf shop and putting green. For more info call (209) 375-6572.

Yosemite Mountaineering School

Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows are renowned for their granite walls and domes and fine weather—a combination that has made Yosemite National Park a mecca for rock climbers from all over the world.

The Yosemite Mountaineering School provides year-round services for all levels of climbers, or would-be climbers, including lessons, guiding and equipment rentals. Their Go Climb a Rock® class is an ideal introduction to the sport and a fun adventure for the whole family. An emphasis on safe climbing practices and "Leave No Trace" principles are applied in all outings.

Yosemite Mountaineering School also offers guided hiking, backpacking, and cross-country skiing services to help you explore Yosemite. Outing adventures are led by guides with specific knowledge of the area's history, natural science and folklore. For more information about services offered by Yosemite Mountaineering School, call (209) 372-8344 or visit www.YosemitePark.com.

River Rafting

River rafting on the Merced River provides exhilarating views of Yosemite Valley. In early summer, rental rafts, complete with life jackets and paddles, are available at the Curry Village Recreation Center. Children must weigh at least 50 lbs. Due to hazardous rapids and park regulations, rafting is permitted only from Stoneman Bridge (near Curry Village) to Sentinel Beach Picnic Area.

Self-Guiding Trails Yosemite Valley

Legacy of Curry Village: This is a 30- to 45-minute tour of the Curry Village grounds. Stories detailing the former dance hall, Firefall and toboggan run are just a few of the discoveries. Brochure available at the Curry front desk.

The Miwok in Yosemite: This is a short loop trail that winds through a reconstructed Miwok-Paiute Village in the Indian Village of Ahwahnee. Southern Miwok life, history and language are discussed on the walk. The trail begins behind the Yosemite Museum building.

Mirror Lake Interpretive Trail: This short loop is adjacent to Mirror Lake, a seasonal lake along Tenaya Creek in the shadow of Half Dome. Exhibits focus on the area's rich natural and cultural history. Located one mile from shuttle bus stop #17 near the parking spaces designated for visitors with disabilities.

A Changing Yosemite, self-guiding trail: This one-mile-long walk through Cook's Meadow explores both natural and cultural stories of Yosemite. Bro-chure available at the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center.

Self-Guiding Trails Outside the Valley

Giant Sequoias: Two self-guiding trails in the Mariposa Grove, and one in the Tuolumne Grove, interpret the natural history and ecological dynamics of the giant sequoia community.


In summer, swimming is available at the Curry Village and Yosemite Lodge swimming pools. Use extreme caution when in the Merced River as water temperatures can be chilly and the current can be deceptively swift. Do not swim above or near waterfalls or rapids. Tragically, swimming in these areas has resulted in several deaths over the years.

Guided Trail Rides

Guided trail rides are available at three stables in the park, including Yosemite Valley, Wawona and Tuolumne Meadows. Experienced wranglers guide your trip with stories and information about Yosemite's history, folklore, flora and fauna. Choose from two-hour, half-day or all-day rides. For reservations or information, call (209) 372-8348.

Winter Activities

For information on skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and ice skating, see "Activities & Programs" on pages 62—67.


For your convenience, several stores stock groceries, camping supplies, gifts and other merchandise. See Yosemite Today for hours of operation.

The Ahwahnee

The Ahwahnee Gift Shop: This shop offers a fine collection of proprietary, Yosemite-inspired gifts, which include Ahwahnee china and tableware, local and international gifts and handicrafts, art and photographic prints, and a diverse selection of American Indian pottery, art and jewelry. Open year-round. -

The Ahwahnee Sweet Shop: Ahwahnee signature merchandise, a fine selection of local and regional wines, gourmet snacks, sundries, film and greeting cards are available. Open all year. -

Crane Flat

Crane Flat Store: This convenience store features snacks, supplies and 24-hour fuel sales. Open year-round. 

Curry Village

Yosemite Mountain Shop: Recognized as one of the top outdoor specialty shops in the country, the Mountain Shop provides an excellent and diverse selection of rock climbing equipment, camping, hiking and backpacking gear, bear-resistant food canisters, hiking and climbing shoes, and a wide range of sportswear and technical outdoor clothing. Open all year. -

Gift & Grocery: Groceries, picnic supplies, film, mementos, apparel and an ATM are available. Open year-round. -

Glacier Point

Gift Shop: Hiking and picnic supplies, astronomy- and geology-related gifts, apparel and film are available. Open spring to fall. -

Happy Isles Nature Center

Book Store: The Yosemite Association nature center bookstore offers books and games that explore hiking, natural history, wildlife and the Yosemite Junior Ranger Program. Open in summer. -

Housekeeping Camp

Camp Store: This is a general convenience store. Open spring to fall. -

Mariposa Grove

Big Trees Gift Shop: Gifts, souvenirs, clothing, film, books and snacks are available. Open spring to fall. -

Tuolumne Meadows

Tuolumne Store: Gifts, film, clothing, fishing licenses, and camping and fishing supplies are offered. Backpackers can also rent bear-resistant food canisters. Open in summer.

Tuolumne Mountain Shop: Rock climbing and backpacking equipment, climbing and hiking shoes, clothing, trail maps, climbing and hiking guides, and other outdoor gear are available. Open in summer.

Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center: The Yosemite Association visitor center bookstore offers titles about Yosemite with an emphasis on the natural history, wildlife and outdoor recreation of Tuolumne Meadows. Open in summer. -


Pioneer Gift and Grocery: The store features groceries, camping and fishing supplies, and pioneer-themed souvenir gifts, clothing, film, licenses, and books. There is also a post office. Open year-round. -

Wawona Golf Shop: Find golfing equipment and rentals, clothing, swimwear, film and a snack stand here. Open spring to fall. 

Wawona Information Station at Hill Studio: The Yosemite Association information station bookstore offers titles about Yosemite with an emphasis on the pioneer history, natural history, wildlife and outdoor recreation of the Wawona and Mariposa Grove areas of the park. Wilderness permits and bear canister rentals available at this location. Open in summer. -

Yosemite Lodge

Gift/Apparel Store: This store offers a variety of Yosemite merchandise, snacks, beverages, picnic supplies and film. Open year-round.

The Nature Shop: The Nature Shop features gifts that remind you of the natural world, including sculpture, jewelry, apparel, music, videos, wind chimes, home accessories and books. Open year-round. -

Yosemite Village

Village Store: The most varied general merchandise store in Yosemite National Park, offering groceries, clothing, camping supplies, magazines, books, film, postcards, gifts, souvenirs and an ATM. Open year-round. -

Village Sport Shop: Hiking and recreational gear, sportswear, hiking shoes, fishing licenses and equipment, camping supplies, trail guides, daypacks and children's clothing and gear are available. Open year-round. -

The Ansel Adams Gallery: Once known as Best's Studio, the Ansel Adams Gallery is listed on The National Register of Historic Places. It represents one of the numerous photographic and artist studios that existed in a bygone era of Yosemite's past. Today the gallery provides photographic film, camera rentals, photographic trouble-shooting, gifts, books, postcards, American Indian jewelry and handicrafts, and a large selection of limited-edition and signed Ansel Adams photographs, fine prints and posters. Photography workshops are available. Open year-round, however, please check in advance for certain holiday closings. Call (209) 372-4413 or visit www.anseladams.com. -

Habitat Yosemite: The store's diverse products are intended to reflect nature and wildlife of Yosemite. Interpretive gifts, books, clothing and collectible statuary focus on Yosemite's diverse habitat. Located in the Degnan's complex. Open spring to fall, however please check in advance for certain holiday openings. -

Yosemite Museum Shop: This Yosemite Association shop, located next to the Indian Cultural Museum, offers books and traditional American Indian arts and crafts of California and Nevada, including baskets and silver jewelry. Operating hours vary according to season. -

Yosemite Art and Education Center: Free, informal outdoor classes in painting and sketching are offered through the Yosemite Art Center. Art supplies, books and original art are also available for purchase. The center is jointly sponsored by DNC and the Yosemite Association. It is located southwest of the Village Store. Open spring to fall. See Yosemite Today for class schedules. -

Valley Visitor Center: This Yosemite Association visitor center bookstore offers numerous titles about Yosemite in many categories, as well as children's games, park guides and maps, DVDs, posters, cards, Obata art prints and Yosemite apparel. Open year-round. -

Yosemite's Badger Pass Ski Area

Badger Pass Sport Shop: Buy everything from ski and snowboard clothing, gloves, hats, accessories, sunglasses and goggles to snacks and film. Open in winter.


Current restaurant operating hours are posted at each restaurant and are listed in Yosemite Today. As appropriate, please help reuse and recycle at casual dining locations.

Fine Dining in Yosemite Valley

The Ahwahnee Dining Room is a breathtaking work of art in itself. The 34-foot-tall trestle-beamed ceiling, wrought-iron chandeliers and candelabras, and original china create an unforgettable atmosphere, while the floor to ceiling windows offer views of the changing seasons as a backdrop to your meal. Freshly baked breads and pastries are created daily to accompany the seasonal menu, which highlights sustainable and organic items.

Attire for breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch is casual. For dinner, collared shirts and long pants are respectfully requested for men and dresses, skirts or evening pantsuits for women. Reservations are strongly suggested for dinner and advised for breakfast and lunch, (209) 372-1489. The Ahwahnee Bar is open daily, year-round and offers a cozy, more casual setting.


Yosemite Valley's Mountain Room Restaurant at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls has a striking glass atrium that affords almost every diner a view of the spectacular Yosemite Falls. Choose from steak, chicken, fish, pasta and lighter dishes. A full bar is available. Open daily, year-round for dinner only. 5-9pm.

The Wawona Hotel Dining Room is known for its delicious, home-style cooking, Victorian architecture and spectacular sunset views. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily when the hotel is open. Sunday brunch is served weekly—from the beginning of April through Thanksgiving Day and during the December holidays. Hearken back to a simpler time during the weekly Wawona Lawn Barbecue. Red-checked tablecloths and lush green lawns provide the ambience while you enjoy an old-fashioned barbecue dinner at Wawona Hotel. These dinners are held Saturday evenings during the summer.

Casual Dining in Yosemite Valley

The Curry Pavilion, located at the base of Glacier Point in Yosemite Valley's historic Curry Village, serves buffet-style meals for breakfast and dinner. It is open March through October.

Degnan's Loft is a family-style restaurant located in Yosemite Village above Degnan's Delicatessen. Pizza, salads, soup and appetizers are offered daily spring through fall. Wine and beer are available.

The Food Court located at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. A variety of food stations offer cooked-to-order pasta, pizza, hamburgers and various entree selections. Freshly prepared salads, fruit, deli-style sandwiches and baked goods are also available. Beverages, soft drinks, Seattle's Best coffee, wine and beer are served. Open year-round.

Casual Dining Outside the Valley

Hearty, family-style breakfasts and dinners are served at the Tuolumne Meadows Lodge, a rustic canopy tent beside the Tuolumne River. Dinner reservations are required. Open in summer only. For reservations, call (209) 372-8413.

White Wolf Lodge is a cozy dining room at White Wolf, along the Tioga Road. Breakfast and dinner are served daily during the summer, with lunch items available at the adjacent small retail outlet. Dinner reservations are advised, and may be made by calling (209) 372-8416.

Fast Food in Yosemite Valley

At the Curry Village Coffee Corner, located within Curry Pavilion, guests can grab freshly baked muffins, cinnamon rolls, desserts, hot coffee and espresso drinks. Open seasonally. -

The Curry Village Pizza Deck & Bar serves pizza and salads, with a full bar nearby serving burgers, wings, and other bar fare. Open summer only. -

Burritos, tacos, nachos and soft drinks can be purchased at the Curry Village Taqueria from spring to early fall. -

Degnan's Café located in Yosemite Village, sells coffee, ice cream and baked goods. Open summer only. -

Degnan's Deli offers freshly made deli sandwiches, salads, vegetarian and gourmet foods, snacks, espresso and other beverages year-round. -

Located in Yosemite Village, the Village Grill serves lunch and early dinner consisting of hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken strips, soft-serve ice cream and beverages. Open from spring to fall. -

The Yosemite Lodge Cone Stand at the swimming pool serves hot dogs, ice cream, snacks and soft drinks during the summer. -

After a hike to Vernal Fall or Mirror Lake, stop at the Happy Isles Snack Stand for ice cream, water and soft drinks. Open in the summer only. -

Fast Food Outside the Valley

The Glacier Point Snack Stand has hot dogs, sandwiches, beverages and snacks. Open daily in summer and fall. -

The Tuolumne Meadows Grill serves popular breakfast and lunch items, such as hamburgers, hot dogs and snacks daily in the summer. -

Enjoy hot dogs, sandwiches, cold beverages and ice cream after a round of golf at the Wawona Golf Shop Snack Stand. Open daily from spring to fall.

Sliders Grab-N-Go features fast food on the main floor of the Day Lodge at Badger Pass Ski Area during winter operations.

Picnic Lunches

Picnic lunches may be ordered at Yosemite hotel front desks with one day's advance notice. Picnic supplies and sandwiches can be purchased at park grocery stores, Degnan's Deli and the Food Court.

Group Functions and Family Receptions

To arrange receptions, family reunions, church and school group events, weddings and conferences at Yosemite hotels, call (559) 253-5600 or visit www.YosemitePark.com.